Cattalonia Signature Font

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Introducing the lovely new Cattalonia Signature Font!

Cattalonia has a style signature with natural curves and shapes that can be used for various uses, such as watermarks, branding, logos or logo names, and much more. Cattalonia comes with 109 beautiful ligature, so it will be beautiful to use.

Here Is Cattalonia Ligature :

aa ab ad af ar at ax ay az and att bb bl bx by ca cd cr ct cx cy cz dd dk dl dt ea ed eo er et ex ey end ett ff fi fo fr fy gg gy hh hy ii ip ir it ix iy itt jr jy kb kh kk kl ky ll lo ly mm mr mx my nd ni nn nt ny oo op or ot ox oy ott pr pt px py qj qs qy qz rr ry sg sjss st sy th tt uu ut uy uz utt xx xy yj yg ys yz zg zy zz

What will you get :

  • Cattalonia.otf, Cattalonia.ttf, Cattalonia.woff
  • Cattalonia Includes Capital and Lowercase Letters, and 109 Ligatures
  • Numbers + Punctuation
  • Foreign Language Support
  • Pua Encoded

Thank you and hope you enjoy 🙂

Licence Type

Dekstop License, Webfont License, E-Pub License, App/Game License, Extend License, Corporate Licencse


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